Here goes a second try

I launched this website last December 2008. It was to compliment my book on property in Malaysia which is to be branded as 'Ask the Lawyer' series. The book is still in production due to my fascination with the blogging world and all my ideas and writing has been channeled into making sure my 2 blogs, Legal Cat-astrophe and As Good As It Gets have a post every day. Yep, every day. I managed to do that for more than a year for Legal Cat-asthrophe and As Good As It Gets is nearly there. It may not last for long but I will try to maintain that as long as I can.

Blogging  was supposed to be a hobby as I am not a techie or even a geek or even those who work in IT line. I am a lawyer, who love to read. I do have this tendency to overdo things when I come to like them. I was obsessed with PC games at one point, studying to see what grade I can get at one point, practising criminal law at one point and even collecting girlfriends at one point. After a year or two, the fad will past and I will be onto something else. I will now be turning Legal Cat-asthrophe into a business and event blog whilst maintaining As Good As It Gets as a relationship blog.

So, blogging has been fun and to tell you the truth has helped me meet new people and friends. I get to go to movie screenings, events, learn new stuff, get to know people from other countries and help me write better. I was lousy at writing a year ago (I thought I was good!). I am still in love with blogging but I am not going to be too obsess with it anymore. Time in the business world, especially the legal business in Malaysia, is tough and I need to prioritise and concentrate on the matter at hand.

This blog is a solution. Not to the whole problem but it may help me to help myself. I am offering free legal advice to anyone who has a question regarding any legal requirements or whatever law questions they have in mind. I am focusing on the law of Malaysia, West Malaysia specifically but I will try to answer or refer you to the people who can answer your question. If I cannot answer your question I will say so. If you want to email me direct, you can send your email to me at kruel74(at)gmail(dot)com. 


Eddie said...

Good luck for this new venture.

Kujie said...

nnt sy promo dgn kawan2...