For now, this is just a test site

Am thinking of running a series under the header of 'ASK THE LAWYER' which will involve a book, articles, website and whatever media available later. So, I want to start the ball rolling by having a blog to that effect.

So, here is the blog, and let the creativity flows...


Kakak Tiri said...

It's good if you can start off on cyber law in our country. Freedom of speech in blogging, cyber bully etc.

Thank you :)

Syazsy said...

great. i have a Q. i met an accident few years back and i was paid by the insurance on the amount of 16++. (lupa plak)


so...amount tu bole go higher ke if the scar on my forehead ni taleh hilang? plus the small tiny glasses are still on my forehead and the doc said its hard fr him to remove it unless i do a cosmetic surgeon.

so the big Q is, could the summon be more than 16++? or.. hw much does the amount the insurance usually pay?

Mother Goose said...

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